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Underground People do many things. They imagine, they envision, they construct, they invent, and all of these actions are acts of creation in one way or another, virtual, real or combined. The creations of man can and do change people’s lives and perspectives and I would like to show you some photos I took on an old cellphone of one particular creation whose awesome and dangerous beauty almost defies the imagination. Welcome to La Demeure du Chaos.

La Demeure du Chaos is situated in a small village on the outskirts of Lyon, where I live, and once in the village you sure don’t need signposts to tell you where it is. Here’s what you see from the outside.

first view

outside wall

A couple of details from the outside walls..

Statue 2


Some of the villagers find this place scary just from looking at the exterior walls, and a local barman told me that some of them, “particularly older people” he said, wouldn’t ever go inside. Well, if they find the outside scary they are probably wise not to want to see more, because once inside, all hell visual hell breaks loose and you are wrenched violently from of the calm reality outside into a hurricane of total and utter chaos…..


death lorry back

death truck



oil wars

Nobody forgets a visit to this astounding and mind-blowing place and these photos show just a fraction of what is to be discovered there. But what does it all mean? Who created it? Why? I met the man who created it and discussed his reasons and motivations for embarking on this seemingly-mad adventure. Calm, polite and soft-spoken, he revealed many aspects of his project, which involves infinitely more than what the visitor sees. And if you think what you have seen here looks strange, realise that it offers but a tiny glimpse of the tip of a massive iceberg.

The things people do…..

I’ll be posting more about that in Part 2. Thanks for reading this, Part 1.